In the name of God, Amen
I Thomas Hoover Sr of the County of Lincoln State of North Carolina being of sound & perfect mind & memory Blessed be God do this 23rd day of May in the Year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred & thirty one make & publish this my last will & testament in manner following that is to say
First I give & bequeath unto my son Jacob after my death the plantation whereon I now live & also the one half of the pine lands on Shucks branch including the improvement & also the Jackscrew which he has received already my desire is that my son Jacob continue to live in the plantation during my life & manage the same & that he have the profits of the same excepting what I shall want of said Plantation necessary for my support which I intend to manage myself The said willed property my son Jacob his heirs & assigns shall have it forever excepting that my son Jacob shall let my daughter Elizabeth have the privilege of living with him during her life or as long as she remains single in some of the houses & part of Garden & other Drug patches & some land for cultivation & part of the meadow sufficient to support two cows & calves but if he should sell the plantation so that Elizabeth loses her privileges of the land and be turned off then the said Jacob shall pay one hundred dollars to the said Elizabeth or by disapreeing he shall pay the sum so that she can go & live somewhere else but if the said Elizabeth should make it her choice to give up her privilege of the plantation to the said Jacob then he the said Jacob shall pay to her the one hundred dollars but in case the said Elizabeth shall marry she loses her right & privileges on the plantation but Jacob is to pay her the hundred dollars _
Viz I give & bequeath unto my daughter Elizabeth the one half of the pine land on Shucks branch / to the wood land including Shucks branch & a negro girl named Harriet, one Beauro, three beds and bedsteads with the bed furniture belonging to said beds & also a horse beast of her own choice out of the horses that will be left at my death three cows, one table, one Saddle and bridle, one dough trough with a table plat on it & also a Sufficiency of Kitchen furniture & common table furniture for her to keep house & I allow her to make choice of the kind & quality that may suit and satisfy her, one spinning wheel, one big wheel of her choice, three sheep, three hogs of her choice, also cotton and flax for one years clothing & all the grain either in the Barns or field, or crib -, the said Elizabeth is to have said willed property her heirs & assigns forever __
Third I give and bequeath unto my son Daniel the sum of Five dollars him & his Heirs fore ever __
4th after my death  I direct all my personal property that is not herein particularly bequeathed to be sold & equally Divided between my children that shall be named as follows Solomon, Henry, Philip, Thomas, Jacob, Barbara, Polly, Eve & Sally & I hereby direct that the willed part of my Daughters shall be paid into their hands & not to the husband for their support but they may do with it as they Please
And I hereby make & ordain my worthy friends Lewis Warlick & David Ramsour, Executors of this my last will & testament.  In witness whereof I the said Thomas Huver Sr have to my last will & testament set my hand & Seal the day & year above written signed sealed Published & declared by the said Thos Huver Sr the testator as his last will & testament in  the presence of us who were present at the time of signing / & sealing thereof __
Jno Yoder     Jurat }                              Thomas Hoover {seal}
Saml Lantz   Jurat }

State of North Carolina
Lincoln County   This day came before me John Slagle one of the Justices of the Peace in & for said County Henry Kistler, Saml Lantz & Paul Anthony & after being duly sworn upon the Holy Evangelist of Almighty God deposeth & saith that they was called upon by Thomas Hoover dec concerning his laast will & testament of which he wished to attach this as a codicil who further saith that it was on the 2nd day of April 1833 & that they believe him to be of perfect & disposing mind at the time for - - - which they relate to me __       Mr Hoover further said that his daughter Elizabeth should have one sow & pig of his stock of her own choice & five two year old Barrels of his stock & six yearling shoats of his stock & five sheep of his stock of her choice & all the salt & butter in stock - - - & - - - to before me this 13th day of April 1833
Jno Slagle J. P. Jurat                   } Henry ^his  X mark Kistler
D. Ramsour & Lewis Warlick, Exr }    Samuel Lantz
                                                           Paul Anthony
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Lincoln County Will Book 1, page 28
Will Written May 23, 1831
Will Probated April Sessions 1833, Lincoln County Court
Transcribed by Donna J. Johnson