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Lincoln County Original Wills NC
Lincoln Co., NC -Book 2, page 281
Will Probated March 1847
Transcribed by Donna J. Johnson
Solomon Huvers Will
          In the name of God Amen.
    I Solomon Huver of the county of Catawba + State of North Carolina.
Considering the uncertainty of this life, and being in perfect mind + memory, (blessed be God) - do this first day of December in the year of our Lord One Thousand Eight Hundred and forty six make and publish this my last Will and Testament in manner following - First I will my body to be buried in a Christian like manner, at the Expence of my personal Estate - 2nd I Will to my Son David Huver my plantation whereon I now live + for him to have possesion after my Death the Same Tract of land lying and being in the County of Catawba and State of North Carolina on the waters of Howards Creek joining lands of Henry Jonas + others - Beginning at a Black oak Rudisills corner + Runs with Solomon Shoups line So 80 1/2 E. 109 1/2 poles to a Red Oak in the fork of a branch Shoups corner.  Then with his line So. 1/2 W. 81 1/2 poles crossing a branch to a White Oak Stump + pointers then with another of Shoups lines So. 68 1/2 E. 155 1/2 poles to a Stone  in the field, then with another of his lines So 20 W. 39 1/2 poles crossing a branch to a Post Oak Stump + pointers, Then So. 72 E. 34 poles to a black Gum on Jonass line.  Then No 30 1/2 E. 44 poles to a forked black Oak.  Then So 57 E. 40 poles to Hickory Jonases corner, then with his line No 19 E. 138 poles to a black oak his corner, Then No 57 E. 3 1/2 poles to Post Oak a corner of land belonging to the Heirs of Henry Bangel Deceased _ Then with a line of said land No 27 1/2 W. 20 poles to a black Gum near a small branch.  Then new lines first S. 50 W 60 poles to a Stake and pointers. Then No. 45 W. 50 poles to a Black oak then No. 47 W. 80 poles to Hickory.  Then No. 55 W. 59 poles crossing a new big road to a small black oak.  Then So. 88 W. 190 poles crossing a branch to a black oak on or near Rudisills line, Then with said line to the Beginning containing by estimation two hundred + fifty eight acres be the same more or less_
    3rd I Will that my Wife Katherine Huver Shall have full + Exclusive Right in the house + Kitchen wherein I now live during her natural life.
    4th I will that my daughter Elviry Huver Shall have a full Right in the house + Kitchen Wherein I now live in comon with my Wife Katherine Huver, So long as my Daughter Elviry Huver may live a single life and also to have her support out of the lands (willed to my son David Huver) So long as She may live a single life or continue to live with her Brother David Huver_
    5th I Will that my Son David Huver Shall have the use of my horses Waggon + farming utensils two years after my Death, provided he takes good care of the same + keep the Same in good order _ and at the expiration of two years I will that the Same property So left in the care of my Son David Huver be exposed to sale with the Ballance of all my personal property and the proceeds of the Same be Equally Divided between my three Daughters Malinda, Elmiry + Sally.
    6th I Will that my Daughter Elviry Shall have an equal portion with my two Daughters Malinda + Sally.  Say three head of cattle + Kitchen furniture, which property is to be Set apart for her by my Executors.
    7th I Will nominate and appoint Daniel Seigel Executor of this my last Will and Testament and assigns and I do by these presents certify + confirm publish and declare this my last Will + Testament. _ In whereof I have hereunto Set my hand and Seal the day and year first above written_
Signed sealed and Delivered
in the presence of
Solomon Yoder Jurat
Joshua Lore                                                    Solomon Huver {seal}
copyright (c) 2001
Donna Joy Johnson
all rights reserved

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