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York Co., SC Will Book 3, pp 368
State of South Carolina Case #34 File #1457

Transcribed January 2001 by Donna Joy Johnson from photocopies of the microfilmed will book pages, and compared with the copy transcribed by the State of South Carolina.
Note that the surname is spelled in various records as Howser, Houser, Houzer and Hauser.
South Carolina}
  York District}
                              In the Name of God Amen.  I Christina Howser being of sound and disposing mind and memory but mindful of the uncertainty of life, do make, declare and publish the following as my last will and Testament in manner and form as follows.  To wit.
1st  That as soon after my decease as may be convenient, I desire my Executors herein after appointed shall pay all the Just debts I may owe and collect all debts that may be Justly due me.
2.  I will and bequeath to my daughter Mary Hoover two-Hundred dollars in cash.
3.  I will and bequeath to the three youngest children of my son John Howser namely Polly, Nancy and Doctor Thirty three dollars + thirty-three + 1 third cents each provided they claim the said Legacy within three years after my death.  if they do not then their legacy or legacies shall go to my daughter Susannah Whisonant.
4.  I will and bequeath to my son-in-law John N. Whisonant my negro man Wilson during his (John N. Whisonants) natural life, and at his death then the said negro man Wilson shall go to my Grand-son Thomas P. Whisonant absolutely and unconditionally in fee.  Having some time since conveyed this negro man Wilson, by deed of Gift to my son-in-law John Whisonant, which deed of Gift has been burnt up in the house of the said John N. Whisonant.  I have hereby willed and bequeathed the said negro man Wilson to my son-in-law John N. Whisonant in full and perfect confirmation of said deed of Gift.
5.  I will and bequeath to my daughter Susannah Whisonant the entire balance of my money or cash, notes, Bonds, or other demands due me after my Executors shall have paid out the specific legacies of this will to her, the said Susannah Whisonant absolutely and unconditionally.
6.  I will and bequeath to my three daughters, namely, Mary Hoover, Lidia Dixon and Susannah Whisonant, all my wearing clothes, Bed and bed cloths, side saddle and house hold furniture, share and share alike
7.  I do hereby constitute and appoint my friends, William C. Black and John N. Whisonant, the Executors of this my last and Testament.
Witness my hand and seal this the twenty third day of September A. D. 1853.
Signed, Sealed and published
in presence of Thomas McGill                  Christina her/X/mark Howser {seal}
James H McGill Daniel James

South Carolina}
York District}   Personally appeared James H McGill before me & made oath that he was present and saw Christina Houser sign and seal & heard her acknowledge the foregoing as her Last will & testament and that he with Thomas McGill and Daniel James aforesaid the executors thereof and subscribed these names as witnesses in his presence and in presence of each other and that testatrix was of sound & disposing mind and memory
Sworn to 12th Nov 1856                         James H McGill
---- Ross C of S

Qualified Wm G Black as Executor
March 2nd 1857          ---- Ross C of S
copyright (c) 2001
Donna Joy Johnson
all rights reserved

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