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Mecklenburg County Original Estates NC
1762-1957 CR.065.508.122
Margarette J. Hoover 1874
Transcribed August 2002 by Donna Joy Johnson from photocopies of the original estate papers from the North Carolina State Archives
Cover Page

Martha J. Hoover & John W. Hoover
W. L. Hoover Gdn.
Dec 21st 1874
Application for Guardianship

Probate Court Mecklenburg County

In the matter of
Martha J. & John W. Hoover, infants, heirs of Margarette Hoover, decd, Minor Orphans
Application for Guardianship

To the Honorable the Judge of Probate of said County:
The application of W. L. Hoover respectfully presents, that Martha J. Hoover and John W. Hoover are minor children of Margarette J. Hoover deceased, and are without a guardian: that the said minor children are entitled to real and personal estate to the value of Two thousand Six hundred & fifty ($2650) Dollars according to the best information and belief of your applicant.
          To the end therefore, that the estate of said minor orphans may be preserved, and managed according to law, your applicant prays, that letters of Guardianship may be issued to him or such other person as the Court may think best, for the interest of the said minor orphans.
          This 21st day of Decr. 1874.
W. L. Hoover

Mecklenburg County  ss

W L Hoover, being duly sworn, says that he is acquainted with the real and personal estate belonging to the above named children of Margarette Hoover deceased; that to the best of his knowledge, information and belief, the value of (said -- crossed through) estate is about $2650.00 Dollars: and the value of rents and profits of the real estate is about
Sworn to before me this 21 day of Decr. 1874
W. L. Hoover
E. A. Osborne Judge of Probate

copyright (c) 2002
Donna Joy Johnson
all rights reserved

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