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Mecklenburg County Original Estates NC
1762-1957 CR.065.508.123
Stanhope S. Hoover Jr. 1897
Transcribed August 2001 by Donna Joy Johnson from photocopies of the original estate papers from the North Carolina State Archives
Renunciation of Right to Administer by Mary Hoover, widow

To J. M. Morrow, Clerk of the Superior Court of Mecklenburg County -
    I, Mary Hoover, widow of S. S. Hoover, Jr deceased, late of said county, do hereby renounce my right of administration on the estate of said deceased, and ask that you will appoint H. N. Pharr, Pub Admin as administrator of said estate -
This January 21st 1897 Mary E. Hoover
Witness Jas. G. Alexander
Proved on oath Jas G Alexander
Jany. 23 1897                   J. M. Morrow CSC
Stanhope Hoover Jr Estate Papers

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Donna Joy Johnson
all rights reserved

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