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Donna Joy Johnson

Charlotte, Mecklenburg Co., North Carolina

Thanks to many contributors for generously sharing information on their lines.

Solomon Hoover and wife Sybella came to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on December 23, 1749 from the German Palatinate.  Their son, Thomas was born on April 05, 1750.  Thomas was christened on April 22, 1750 at Christ Evangelical Lutheran Church, York, Pennsylvania.  After the birth of Thomas, Solomon and Sybella relocated to North Carolina.  Solomon received a grant of 135 acres of land on the north branch of Killian's Creek in 1756.  It appears that Thomas may have been their only child.

Thomas Hoover grew up to marry Mariah Barbara Warlick, daughter of Johannes Daniel Warlick and Maria Barbara Cora Schindler.  In 1770, Barbara Warlick was deeded 200 acres of land near Pott's Creek by her father, Daniel Warlick.  It was on this land that Thomas and Barbara settled and raised a family of twelve children.

In northern Lincoln County, North Carolina, near the border with Catawba County, the old Hoover family cemetery is situated on a hillside overlooking state road 1217, known as "Hoover Road."  Across the highway from the Hoover cemetery, set well back from the road and surrounded by woods, is the old Kistler family cemetery.

The Hoover cemetery is the resting place of H. Thomas Huver (as his name is spelled on his marker) and his wife, Mariah Barbara Warlick, and some of their descendants.

Sons Henry and Phillip left Lincoln County for Mecklenburg County and raised large families.  Daughter Eve settled in Spartanburg, SC.  Son Thomas made his fortune in Canton, Mississippi.  The remaining children made their homes in the areas of Lincoln County and Catawba County, where they were born and raised.

On these pages I share the information that I have compiled on my Hoover kin.

My "Family Data" and my conclusions are not without errors!  This is a work in progress, and will evolve and change over time.  It is the responsibility of any researcher to check and confirm all material in which you have an interest, whether it be on my pages or any other genealogy-related pages.  There is no better source than an original source.

I welcome all researchers, especially those who are connected to my Hoover family.  The material at this website is protected by copyright.  It is my expectation that researchers will give credit to me for any material they copy from my website to their research.  I have discovered that many do not.

~Donna Joy Johnson

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